Happy New Year from CycleHack!

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Where to begin.

It’s been another great year for CycleHack thanks to the amazing community of CycleHackers across the globe. As we look forward to all that 2016 will bring, we’ve taken a moment to look back at the amazing moments of this past year.

This past June, we went from CycleHacking in 3 cities in 2014 to 25! All over the same weekend, organisers from these 25 cities designed, developed, and delivered an amazing programme for the weekend to help addresses barriers that their communities face. For us, it was important that each city make CycleHack relevant to their local context which you can see through the amazing set of logos created for each event. Check out just a few of them –

The numbers for the 48-hour event are impressive and we are incredibly proud of our community of CycleHack organisers for making a real difference.  Check out some of these other impressive numbers from the weekend –

  • These CycleHack events were run by 66 dedicated local CycleHack organisers worldwide.
  • Over 600 people participated in the CycleHack event over the course of the weekend.
  • There were over 3,500 Tweets about CycleHack in just 48 hours.
  • In 48 hours, we reached over 1.6 million people through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • By the end of the weekend, over 100 CycleHacks were created and uploaded to our catalogue which is still growing. Check them out here.
  • 67% of those who attended a CycleHack were inspired to cycle more (2015 CycleHack survey)
  • 88% learned a new skill over the 48 hour event which they plan to use more (2015 CycleHack survey)
  • 69% made new partnerships and working relationships at the event (2015 CycleHack survey)
  • Nearly 70% of participants are planning on taking their ideas past the CycleHack event. (2015 CycleHack survey)

A participant from CycleHack Sydney shared some of their thoughts about the event – ”Taking participants through the design process is key. People approach barriers with preconceived ideas about how they can be solved and we’re saying, it’s ok to ‘question the wheel’. The weekend really helps people to work through the barriers from a different perspective – which is really important, especially when a lot of the participants are already confident cyclists. The event wasn’t very political which was also a change from bike advocacy groups. I think a huge advantage of hacks and jams generally is that they offer a short sharp burst of enthusiasm and creativity and outcomes over 48 hours – maybe the same amount you would get over 48 days in a Local Government office.’  

You can read the full blog post on the 2015 events.

In addition to the event, we were busy spreading the good word about our work and the relevance of hacking as a tool for change.

Co-Founder Matt who leads our Vancouver office supported the Défi Vélo MTL event in Montreal.  The Défi Vélo MTL is a solutions development sprint around the theme of cycling, urban mobility and intelligent instrument.

Co-founder of CycleHack and Director of Snook – Sarah took to the TEDxPortobello stage to talk about her work on design including a great shout to CycleHack.

Johanna – Co-Founder of CycleHack and member of the Penny in Yo’ Pants team hit the TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh stage this past February to talk about lessons from the two initiatives.

We also had the opportunity to speak about our work here –

Sarah also was featured in a short film Beyond Shrink and Pink: Women in Cycling about women and cycling.

In addition to talking about our work  – we have also been featured in BBC Radio Scotland, the New York Times, Stylist Magazine, Bicyling Magazine, among many others.

We are so proud to be the recipient of some amazing awards this year for our work.

And we are just getting started. Thank you to all our partners this year, our amazing event organisers, and all those who have been champions of CycleHack from the start.  Here’s to 2016 – happy CycleHacking!



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