BikeBrusselsBetter – A ‘metro map’ for Brussels cyclists

26/6/2015 Brussels


Hacking the existing Brussels Regional Bike Network to make navigation as easy as taking the metro.

Barrier This Solves

1. Cyclists spend too much time either being lost, or dangerously glancing at Google maps on their smartphone.

2. Brussels has thousands of of intricately placed bicycle signposts describing 19 commuting/tourist routes across the city. The problem is, nobody knows about them, what they mean, or how to use them.

3. The official cycling map for Brussels is a monster. It contains so much data on infrastructure types, one way systems and cobblestones that it is impossible to use on the move. It is well distributed among Brussels cyclists, but at best they put it up on the wall.

4. There are 350 "Villo!" bike-share stations across the city, each with a space for a map. The local area maps which were originally installed in 2009 have largely disappeared and have not been replaced. Lost cyclists still check the stations for a map and ride away frustrated.