Bikeurious – Discover bike routes in a delightful way

17/9/2017 Liverpool


Want to bring the joy of discovery back to your leisure rides?

Maybe try Bikeurious.

This app and device does the heavy lifting for you by creating bespoke routes that will bring the discovery back to your rides in a delightful way.

Barrier This Solves

Leisure bike riders and tourists who choose not to use a bike because it's too complicated to find an interesting and appropriate route, in the time they have available.

Also people using their bikes less because bored of the usual routes they take.




Detailed Description

We were interested in exploring existing route recording and creating sites, such as Strava, Cycle Streets and Map my Ride. These sites have sophisticated ways for users to create routes and also for giving user feedback about the routes. Cycle Streets has user created content that shows quite detailed points of interest for other cyclists, both negative and positive items.

However creating interesting routes using these tools can be quite time consuming and daunting to a casual rider.

Secondly we discovered that some users were put off by using the standard maps on phones, which could be complicated to navigate from.

We wanted to take to see if this could be a fun, quick process that then takes you on a delightful journey. To help redisover the joy of cycling places you've never been.

So the prototype created uses more human language questions to get the user's parameters for their specific ride. Then the ap in the background uses aggregated data to create a route that best fits for the rider.

The rider puts the phone in the Bikeurious handlebar holder.
Simple navigation guides and images of key points on the ride are used to direct the rider.

The phone holder is a key part of the experience. It is intentially unusual design, with LED antenna that indicates when to turn left or right, or when both flash, there is a point of interest.

It's about making it a journey of discovery for the rider.


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