CarryLight: The Popup Pannier

17/9/2017 Dublin


Inspired by the #shopbybike conversation on Twitter with the former Lord Mayor of Dublin, this high-visibility folding bicycle pannier enhances users safety, reduces the need for users to wear and carry additional safety equipment while providing users with a simple, safe and secure way to transport their stuff.

Barrier This Solves

- Space Bar discourages dangerous overtaking by increasing apparent width of bike while being flexible to prevent damage in the event of contact
- Space-Bar adjustable to provide option for visibility while pannier is in folded position and to be positioned vertically if the user does not want the additional width or requires vertical visibility.
- Space-Bar lights do not require batteries. They are powered by wheel-mounted magnets and have a delay switch such that they remain lit when the bike is stopped at traffic lights or junctions. Users don't have to carry separate lights or worry about batteries running out.
- High visibility materials and built-in lights increase cyclists visibility in all light conditions and reduces need for users to carry visibility equipment such as lights and vests.
- The hi-visibility design means people can dress for their destination and don't have to wear or carry high-visibility equipment.
- High capacity provides lots of space for carrying laptops, rucksacks, shopping bags safely. Big enough to carry a 15" laptop in a laptop bag.
- Stiffened back protects the load and prevents interference with the wheels.
- Form designed not to interfere with cycling - mounted to avoid clipping users heels.
- Open design makes loading and unloading quick and easy - no drawstrings to fiddle with.
- Pannier covers secure loads in place quickly and easily while providing additional carrying surface for wide loads on carrier e.g. pizza box! Panniers can be used with or without covers deployed e.g. for carrying tall loads or delicate loads like plants.
- Folding design makes parking easier as the bike will fit into tighter spaces on busy or poorly designed bike parks (which is the majority of bike parks!)
- Folding design reduces likelihood of anti-social interference e.g. putting litter in open/unfolded panniers and baskets
- The secure attachment makes it more theft-proof, giving users peace of mind leaving the pannier attached to their bicycle
- The secure attachment means users don't have to carry the panniers with them at their destination.
- The secure attachment contact surfaces are rubberised to prevent damage to bike paintwork.
- The cross-piece joining the two panniers that sits on the carrier is designed to allow the attachment of further loads to the carrier and not to interfere with bike light fittings (not that a user will need them with the Space Bar!)
- Ultra-lightweight design adds minimally to the users load.
- Hard-wearing for long life.
- Low-cost design makes these panniers accessible to most.