22/6/2014 Beirut


Cycle Beirut is a cycling map highlighting a bicycle route network within the existing infrastructure of Beirut.
Our objective is to make the streets of Beirut accessible and efficient for cyclists to promote and facilitate the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation.
Cycle Beirut tackles 3 different aspects:
routes, hubs and bicycle culture

Barrier This Solves

Cycle Beirut solves the barrier of the bicycle not being embedded within Beirut's street culture and means of transportation.

Beirut city has no proper infrastructure to accommodate cyclists. The bicycle routes are only known by the very few professional cyclists who already cycle in the city.

Beirut Cycle aims to highlight the existing infrastructure of Beirut and point out a bicycle street network already used by cyclists to non-cyclists to make cycling accessible and efficient for everyone in the city. It also promotes the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation and by planting bike related street furniture in the streets, it introduces cycling as part of Beirut's street culture.