Cycle Guerilla Kit

25/6/2016 Nuremberg


We developed a "Cycle Guerilla Kit" to eliminate barriers in the public and urban spaces by yourself.
A box with different tools for spontaneous guerilla actions.

Barrier This Solves

It's all about the money, honey - no that opinion is not true. It's all about the fun. To increase the fun of cycling, we need the cooperation of the local authorities, so that they expand and improve cycle paths. This can take ages, at least in Germany.
So we try to change these barriers, that we can change by ourself.
But unauthorised structural improvements in the public space may end in the court room. So we developed small tools, which are cheap to gain and quickly installed. Our tools eliminate these barriers:

- small differences in height between bike lane and road
- a friendly reminder to other cyclists that they should use the bike lane on the opposite side.
- a handle at a traffic light gives a cyclist the opportunity to relax, as he doesn't have to get off and on the bike.
- we don't need to dodge potholes, or we aren't shaken by cobblestones.