Cycle to Work

19/6/2015 Chennai


More than half of the earning polulation is a working class and their commutation is what causes more pollution. If we can tap this group and encourage them to cycle, we would have already achieved quite a lot of change.

Barrier This Solves

* Inclulcating the habit of cycling into people




Detailed Description

So how I intend to do this, since I am from Chennai, India, I am already doing this in my office and here is how it works.
First I cycleeveryday to office and mostly everywhere I go.
Second, I talk to people, encourage them to cycle to work by explaining them the benefits to choosing their cycle [I dont mind spending time]
Third, I have made my org to conduct a yearly event called Cyclothan that rallies for 50KM and spreads the message of cycling. This year we are doing 5th Cyclothan.
By doing all these, I have already converted 5 people to cyclist including a women who rides office everyday.

Thats all said, what I have done, here is what I would like to do further, Target youths who are staying less than 7KM around office. 7 KM in motorcycle takes about 45 mins with the traffic given in metros like Chennai and Kolkata, but when you do the same with Cycle it takes only 30 mins and worst case 40 mins. And 7 KM one way is doable for anyone with ease so people dont hesitate. This way we can just make someone start cycling and obviously they will fall in love with it once they start it.

Other problems involve in the above process is, summer in this part of world is horrible and I am suggesting people to ride with cycle attires and have a shower and change dress after you reach office. [Not all corporate offers shower rooms]

We can also suggest corporates to provide bonuses or gifts related to cycles etc...