CycleHack TRAILS

25/6/2016 Nuremberg


CycleHack TRAILS helps cyclists to find an alternative route from A to B with additional signs and markers on the street.

Barrier This Solves

City administration often offer cycletracks which do not fit the different criterias for individual needs.




Detailed Description

The idea is to set new markers and signs on existing traffic signs to show cyclists better driving routes. The signs and markers are designed in 3 different colours for 3 different categories: Green is for scenic route, yellow is for safety and children friendly route, blue is for the fastest route.
The community improves alternative routes by attaching the stickers which are available to download for self printing or at cycle stores.
If there is no possibility to set the marker on the road or existing signs (like in parks or green areas) mark the best route with colour coded strings on trees.


Comments 1

  1. Hi Roland,
    I really like the idea, seeing your develop it was great in Nuremberg!

    Cycling back to my hometown today (fixing two flats I had on unpaved parts of the cycle way between two cities, no fun with skinny 1″ tires), I had an additional idea: If there is no alternative route, one could attach logos to the signs what to expect on this way, e.g. unpaved roads, narrow tracks, steep hills, scenic routes, routes with motorized traffic, ….

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