flashlight mirroring

17/8/2018 Seoul


While riding on riverside, headlight of riders on the opposite side could blind me for a second. So let those riders who doesn't care about others, be aware of possiblity being blind due to strong flashlight by literally mirroring those flash lights.

Barrier This Solves

hmm.. egoism? kk

- eyes suffering from flash light.
- possiblity of getting in accident due to momentary blindness.




Detailed Description

In korea, we already have some disscusion about this problem, so some people lower their headlight, so riders on the other side not to get blind.
However, some riders does set their lights upwards, to be recognizable.
I think this behavior is due to too much worries and egoism, so let those riders experience same situaton and reflect on theirselves.
But, within the disscusion on Cyclehack Seoul, somebody suggested possiblity of danger,mirroring can amplify the light, causing momentary blindness can be link to accident.
Also, the rider who set headlight upward could not be aware of this problem, possiblity of being blind by the strong falsh light, So we chosen to gentle the treatment, say "It's dazzling, please lower your lights."

So, I didn't make it actual. Just a sketch.
Mirror on handlebar, or mirror necklace to reflect the light manually.

It's better with campaign, speaking out "It's dazzling."


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