Kids idea: Caravan and a pet trailer for the bicycle

25/6/2016 Nuremberg


Before the official Cyclehack started, we asked our kids to help us with the Cyclehack. In the end all the kids were so excited to improve the cycling, that we publish the realistically result.
Kaya (7 years old) the little daugther of Benno dreamed of a caravan for the bicycle, where she can rest or play during a cycling break.

Barrier This Solves

With a caravan, you have always a proper dry house, where you can escape when it is raining.
Also you can take a lot of stuff with you and keep your children entertained.




Detailed Description

For further information I asked Kaya "How should this work?" and very self confident Kaya told me, "Papa has to pull the caravan :) !" Then she explained the inside of the caravan. A red carpet with a playing corner, a door without a locking system and bay window. Then she painted the caravan and after the painting she built it up with Lego.
After the completion of the caravan, she insisted to develope a trailer for pets. So she tinked a proper trailer for pets.


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