26/6/2016 Manchester


Signage of easy/safe/interesting cycle routes that extends cycling social practice beyond "sport & leisure"

Barrier This Solves

Barrier 1:- the perception that you have to be a "cyclist" to use a bike. The aim is to counteract the heavy sports and leisure bias associated with cycling in the UK.
Barrier 2:- there is a lot of stuff on the net about route finding, but you have to know where to find it. The SmartCyclers signage helps point people to it.




Detailed Description

Weather resistant direction signs stuck to street furniture that indicate an easy-safe/interesting and relatively car free cycle routes in town. The signs do not point in any particular direction, but merely indicate a nice place to ride
Signs incorporate a QR code that links to a mapping app, and also possibly to a website that in turn, links to local and national cycling resources.
The signs will be illustrated with pictures of "non-Lycra" Cyclers (sic) on "ordinary bikes".


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