27/6/2016 Bergen


A campaign to get teenagers cycling

Barrier This Solves

Many adults we asked said they didn't cycle because they were unsure about the experience. "Will my bike be safe when I lock it?", "How will I feel once I start cycling in traffic?" and "Do I really need all these gadgets?". Yes, it's an emotional jungle of uncertainty out there.

Those who did bicycle did so because it had become a part of their every day life. An easy way to exercise, the feeling of freedom and just "second-nature". In fact, many of them didn't even know why they stared cycling. They'd kind of just always done it.

A campaign to get more youth to choose biking seems to be linked to whether or not they might continue the habit later. Compare to physical activity. If it's something you love doing, you're open to doing it in your in 20s and 30s too.

VårSykkel breaks the barrier of habits and enables people to starting making healthy, sustainable decisions early on.